Bipolar With A Side of Marriage

This October it will be 10 years that we have been married. Wow! Sometimes it feels like 20 and it’s 10.
We were introduced through some friends. He was cute, mature and extremely sweet. Hell, he was actually the mature one in our group. So he’s 20 and I’m 24. I wasn’t so sure about this. Just worries!
How were we going to talk to our parents We were in a 6 month relationship and now I am pregnant. I think they were more shocked than we are. Oh yeah, we are getting married. The married part made all of the family so happy and glorious to be there.
I was losing my shit and cried the entire ceremony. At one point I stood at the doors and told my bridesmaid I couldn’t do it. She couldn’t open the doors.
Of course we made it, almost 10 years of a melancholy marriage. I’m bat shit crazy and I know he could definitely have a better life, a happy life. He’s angry all if the time. That’s not the man I married. He’s a yeller and it doesn’t work for any of us in the house. Pick your battles, ass hat!

Marriage is hard. If you truly love that person, love them for a few yearsbefore jumping into marriage. When you marry, make sure your future spouse has any mental health issues, just so you know what you’re dealing with. 🙂 Every secret must be told. Lastly , Communicate. When you don’t speak your marriage will fail. It is slowly killing my marriage now.


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